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MY LOVE story of GLASs

Niki Walker at work in Studio

Meet Niki

In 2018 I moved from Derbyshire to Cumbria and my art work took a new turn.


I have become even more obsessed with organic earthy textures and I developed my range of Cumbrian and Bike pieces, each with natural hilly forms within them. 

Each piece I make is hand cut, assembled, fired, worked on, packed up and posted by me.


I love that I can bring a smile to the faces of those who want to give a gift of something truly special. I love knowing that it’s a memory or keepsake for someone special. A card with real thought or a token of kindness or love. 

I love being part of your story. 

Becoming a Glass Maker

I graduated from Nottingham Trent Uni many moons ago with a First class degree in Decorative Arts.


This was the perfect course for me as it gave me an opportunity to explore all areas of being a creative. I started of thinking I would be a ceramicist and I created structures with naked rough clays. I just loved the textures.


This led me onto playing with casting bits of colourful glass and it crackling up for effect. And that was it…I was in love.

In my second year I was lucky enough to spend a few months on an exchange program In Sweden training as a glass blower. This was an amazing experience and I learnt so much, but when I returned to the UK I decided to pursue kiln formed glass. 

After graduation I jumped feet first into running my own business and started with events like BCTF in Harrogate and large trade events in London. I built a small group of fantastic galleries and have been working with them ever since. 

I trained to be a secondary school teacher, and this gave me the confidence to start teaching workshops to adults where I teach the basics of working with glass and you get an opportunity to made your own pieces, whether that be festive decorations or platters. 

In Bloom
Niki Walker Profile in Art Studio
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