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Giving up so that I could reinvent myself

So, I’ve thought for ages about what I want to start off my blogging life with, and I wanted it to be something personal and real. I thought about telling you all about where I find inspiration and the making process I undertake, but I will save that excitement for later.

I thought I’d tell you all about the biggest change I’ve had to go through so far. Giving up who I thought I’d be and the business I thought I was working on to become something else.

I’m sure many other small businesses, like me, who work alone, with just the radio and your dog for company, were really affected by Covid. I went from juggling my day job and small business, along with family life to sitting at home, trying to entertain a 5 year old, pulling my hair out with boredom. You see I’m used to constantly running, constantly being a little behind, constantly under pressure…and it all stopped. I didn’t know how to stop though…and this was a struggle.

You see I’m one of those people who need to make. Not because I want to make money, but because if I don’t, I will go crazy.

I need the outlet. I need to lose myself in the making process. I have realised its my stress ball, my time to just stop thinking about everything else.

So the galleries stopped ordering and the shows were all cancelled, but I needed to make something, so I had a little think and decided upon some keepsakes that I could make and send to friends to tell them I missed them. Off I went to my workshop, and I made hearts in a variety of colours, along with stars that shimmered.

I popped several in the post, winging their way to friends and family and decided to pop a few on Etsy. I loved them and was happy to find that several of you guys out there liked them too!

Over the next few months, the Ca-Ching noise kept happening and I was blown away by the response. 14 months later, I’ve just had my first order from one of the galleries I used to deal with, and whilst I will continue to work with the fantastic galleries I am teamed with, I have realised that whilst its more work, I love making special keepsakes that give a little joy, whether it be a message sent with a keepsake, or a card for a special occasion

I’ve moved away from thinking I’m building my business that supplies galleries with large glass dishes and statement piece bowls, and 99% of my time is spent making handmade, thoughtful cards for all special occasions. Its certainly not what I thought I would do when I left university with my 1st class degree, but my god, I love it!

So that’s what I am, a maker of cards that people need and want for the most important occasions in their life.

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Lovely story Niki. I think you have to do what makes you happy first and foremost. But, if you can make some moneyy doing it, it certainly helps!

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